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This is beyond GROSS!!

It was on offer in my local supermarket and being one to try various teas and being from a tea growing part of the world, I decided this was one was worthy of a try. Lovely packaging as usual from Twinings swayed me further towards buying it.

Initially the aroma is revolting. If you have burnt a pile of woodland sticks and left it overnight then made a tea with the remnants the following day Twinings Lapsang Souchong would be it!

I let a sip pass my lips and EEEK!!! Foul!

Not one for waste, I decided to mix the tea up with some dry ginger, cinnamon and made another brew the next day but sadly no change; I had a face like a sad toad. My teenagers also tried and failed.

I like dark strong teas and this was not for me or my teens. It's been binned.

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