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A beautiful blend. I love rose green tea and I thought this one was exceptional. It's one of the best blended or flavored green teas I've had.

The dry leaf of this smells wonderful and balanced...I can actually smell the tea, usually rose overpowers base teas, especially green teas. The tea smells light and vegetal, and manages to have a distinct or unique character which stands on its own alongside the rose.

Flavor is tangy but in a crisp and clear way. The brewed cup tends a little more towards the rose side of neutral, but I can still smell the base tea in there. It smells fresh and light and reminds me of springtime. Very clean tasting and super easy and enjoyable to drink.

I experimented with brewing temperature. A hotter temperature seems to yield more bite or edge, and a stronger aroma to the base tea, but the cup is still pleasant and drinkable. I preferred brewing this way: it especially brought out some grassy notes in the base tea, and I found the bitterness pleasant.

Resteeps very well. The second cup is just as strong and aromatically complex as the first: the flavor is bold and both the rose and green tea are still present in the aroma. I liked a 3 minute first steep followed by an 8 minute steep for the second cup.

Price is also very reasonable. I rarely give such high marks for a flavored tea but this one truly stood out on all counts.

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