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An Oolong Tea from Udyan Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Udyan Tea
Style:Oolong Tea
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A singular tea! This was the first Nepal-grown Oolong that I've tried. I find oolongs from the Himalayan region (I've tried seven from Darjeeling) to be incredibly variable. This was probably my second-favorite and was among my favorite of all teas labeled as oolongs, although it bears little resemblance to oolongs of the Chinese styles.

Dry leaf has an intriguing and unique aroma. It does not smell remotely oolong-like; instead it reminds me more of a white tea, with light vegetal and floral notes, and a hint of fruit and perhaps malt.

Upon brewing, smells weird and different, completely unlike any other tea I've tried before. Tastes amazing though. It's like drinking a completely new type of tea, most similar to a white tea than anything else.

The aroma is predominately vegetal, and the flavor mellow, the overall character of the cup is fresh and cooling, clean, light-bodied, and balanced. There are floral and honey-like notes. The floral notes remind me of Darjeeling first flush and also silver needle and white peony white teas.

The second cup has a surprising aroma of amaretto or marzipan. Besides that though, it also smells a little more like a Darjeeling, reminding me a little of some Darjeeling first flush, but without the astringency.

This tea can be steeped a third time, although I usually only steeped it twice. It resteeps better than most teas from Nepal and Darjeeling, although not as well as most oolongs: the leaf is thinner than most oolongs, and I think the flavor gets extracted a little more quickly, so take this into consideration, you may wish to use quicker steeps than you normally do.

Price is also excellent for such a novel and artisanal tea. This is not only something new and different, but it is well-executed and a pleasure to drink.

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