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Wow, where to start...this "tea" is not, in any shape or form, worthy of a brand of such tradition and repute. A friend sold me a box he brought back from jolly ol' England, and after drinking just one bag's worth, I wanted to bust him in his jolly ol' mouth. Fortunately for him, I tried three more bags (in one cup, as the first single-bag attempt was excruciatingly feeble)--and finally could taste some jasmine after 8-10 minutes at steep. This tea could be good if multiplied by enough bags to fit in a cup, but then there would be no room for the water.

My box of Twining's Jasmine Green contained tea bags wrapped in plain paper. This is not a good way to hold taste or aroma, especially for a tea that has so little to begin with. It obviously loses whatever flavor it had in the factory with astonishing speed enroute to retail. If this tea were in the gym, it couldn't bench press the bar. Weak in color, weak in flavor (almost to the point of having none at all), it seems like it had been sitting, opened, in a musty old warehouse for a couple of decades.

Mama said, "Son, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all." I'm disobeying. She fortunately never drank any of this rubbish!

[ADDENDUM] 2-1/2 years later, I finally had another bag, this one at a conference and from an airtight wrapper. Packaging matters! While still inexcusably weak overall, both the jasmine and green tea tastes were more detectable. Please add about 30 points to this rating (for taste more than aroma, which is still strangely feeble), if you are pulling this product from airtight packaging instead of straight paper. Still much weaker than, say, Bigelow, but at least recognizable as a jasmine green!

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