Review of Coconut Green Tea With Lemongrass and Ginger

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Even though I like the flavor of coconut -- a lot -- I admit a great deal of skepticism upon learning of the new existence of this tea. Coconut in tea? The idea struck me as one of these "Be different just to be different" deals, destined to go the way of others such as 7Up Gold or Crystal Pepsi in sodas. Maybe it is.

Then I gambled on a tin, steeped up a few cups, and fell in love. If you like coconut, and green tea, this actually works. The former flavor is not overpowering at all, but is fairly obvious; mostly this is just a good, smooth, sweet, aromatic, Japanese green tea.

The only drawback is the presence (without commensurate flavor) of a lot of thick stems of lemongrass. I could not understand how so much lemongrass could be in this tea with hardly any taste thereof. Then I finally did a test: after brewing a cup, I set aside the leftover tea and let it dry. I crushed the dried lemongrass stem in my fingers, and my hands smelled powerfully of lemons. The flavor is there, but not on the outside where brewing will draw it out. Suggestion: if you want the lemongrass to come alive in this tea, crush some of the pieces before brewing.

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