Review of Original Blend (Green Label)

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This was a humble flat paper tea bag that surprised me with its quality. It was very different from the Gold Blend (the one with the red label) from this same company.

Brews a very rich, dark cup that is thick and full-flavored. The aroma is strongly malty, and upon drinking the whole cup there's a hint of wintergreen in there. This reminds me of some Kenyan teas. The finish is only lightly astringent, I'm surprised that this tea isn't harsh or overly tannic. The only thing I dislike about it is that there's a kind of off aroma, like a fishy quality, that I found mildly unpleasant.

I liked brewing about a minute and a half, one tea bag per cup. If you want it really strong, you could probably go longer, this one did not become intolerably astringent or bitter the way some strong tea bags do.

One of my friends loves drinking this tea with milk, and I could imagine it might take milk well, but I enjoyed it plain, unsweetened. I'm not sure if I would prefer this or the Gold Blend, they were very different, I thought this one more interesting, but it also had more off qualities; the Gold Blend was decent and more unobtrusive.

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