Review of Sleepytime Herbal Tea

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Similarly to Brytta (below) I much prefer peppermint to spearmint; yet the balance with lemongrass and chamomile seems to work here. This isn't the Ambien of tea and won't knock you out, but instead, is a smooth, easy, comfortable tea to slow-pour down one's gullet a couple hours before bedtime. A friend with similar tea tastes described it as a distant melody of smooth jazz, in tea form. Not being a jazz fan, I can't relate. Take her word for that, not mine.

The main impediment to a higher score is the mildness of the flavor. It could use a couple notches more potency. I have to steep this to death and stir the bag 'round-n-'round for several minutes to pull out enough flavor to appreciate. But once there, the taste is rather pleasant and friendly.

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