Tea: Laoshan Black

A Black Tea from Verdant Tea

Picture of Laoshan Black
Brand:Verdant Tea
Style:Black Tea
Region:Shandong, China
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Review of Laoshan Black

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I love when I find a tea that is unique and different, and this one certainly fits that description. My first impression is that of burnt sugar/caramel. The liquor is a beautiful light golden brown color. The aroma is like a huge wave of burnt caramel and chocolate hitting all of your senses. The taste is a more balanced version of the aroma. There is robust flavors of burnt caramel, dark chocolate, honey, and some generic fruit flavors. As I moved on to my second and third infusions, the burnt flavors became more pronounced while the fruit and sweetness of the first steep lessened. Nevertheless, as the flavors shifted, the complex profile of the tea was maintained. Certain flavors were just highlighted more than others.

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