Tea: Earl Grey

An Earl Grey Tea from Davidsons Tea - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Davidsons Tea
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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I found this Earl Grey, loose leaf, decaf tea online. The price seemed really good so I decided to order a pound of it. I drink Earl Grey tea hot or iced. Yes, iced tea is a tradition in the southern U.S. At any rate it was not good at all. I mean it was really bad. I am not some sort of world class tea expert but have been drinking Earl Grey tea for several years. Sometimes there are differences between brands but this stuff was awful. After the first batch of tea, I threw the remaing pound of tea in the trash. The positives of this tea are that it comes in a ziplock bag with an inner foil coating to maintain flavor and freshness. The second positive is that it was reasonably priced although since I ended up drinking it only once and throwing the whole bag of tea away, it does not represent a good value. Maybe their other teas are good but this one is awful. Earl Grey tea should have a certain flavor profile and this is not it. Sorry but sometimes the truth is painful. I would recommend the company taste the Earl Grey tea of some of their competitors to understand how their tea compares.

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