Tea: Chamomile

A Pure Chamomile Tea from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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Brand:Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Style:Pure Chamomile Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Chamomile

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Chamomile to me is much like peppermint.

[Wait, wait, wait!!! Hear me out before you threaten to have my account deleted, my Internet access suspended, and some guys in green gowns wrap me in a straitjacket and haul me away to the rubber room.]

No, I did not mean in terms of its taste. Instead, as with peppermint, it is a basic and unpretentious herb, with few distinct cultivars, and typically unvarying flavor on my tongue. If you get a *bad* cup, something has gone terribly wrong...stop immediately and pour that into the commode without delay! If you get a distinctively delicious cup, you wonder what has been added to perform the near-impossible.

Neither scenario is a problem with this long-winded brand's rendition. It is a tad weaker than many I've had, but not enough to be annoying, and is very smooth and easy to drink, as chamomile should be. I wouldn't pay premium dinero for this at a store, but gladly will accept it when offered at a function of some sort. Both times I've sampled this tea, it originated in a Hilton hotel room (one in Phoenix, one in Portland). Guess here is that this company has a contract to supply individually wrapped bags to Hiltons. They also do this with an English Breakfast blend, which I'll review in the future after having another bag or two.

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