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An English Breakfast from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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Brand:Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Style:English Breakfast
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As with their Chamomile (which was a good bit better), I got a few bags of this blend as a hotel guest in edifices where this was provided in-room, in individually wrapped bags. I hoped for more. The tea was surprisingly bitter and rather plain in taste, without any originality or uniqueness. I'd expect that from a massively mass-produced black tea like Lipton, but not this. Most "English Breakfast" teas I've had were considerably richer and more flavorful; this was a flat and bland offering dominated by bitterness.

It's not a terrible tea, and can be tolerated if that's what you're stuck with on a hotel stay. Maybe my expectations were too high. Very little aroma either in the bag or in the cup, too...

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