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An Herbal Tea from SPAR

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Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Since several folks reading this site may travel to Europe at some point and be tempted to buy some in the ubiquitous SPAR supermarkets, let this be a warning.

Upon seeing this on the tea shelves, I thought, "European, herbal, organic...must be good, right?" Since they won't permit customers to tear open a box and steep up a bag in-store, I gambled upon this interesting-looking blend and bought a 40-bag box to bring home. Truly I thought I would like this, based on some of the ten herbal ingredients listed on the labeling (which was in 5 languages, none English). It has fennel, chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint, sage, blackberry leaves, and elderberry flowers...in other words, the kitchen sink.

Unfortunately it tasted a little too much like something else on the kitchen sink: the dishwashing detergent. I could not tell which brand (Dawn, Palmolive, Ajax?)--they all run together. You tell me. That is, if you're willing to try.

Given the known quantities elsewhere in the ingredients list, I suspect the soapy overtone had something to do with another listing: "Greek mountain herbs". Whatever herb the Greeks grow in their highlands that tastes like dishwater, that stuff should be left alone for the goats to graze, whereupon they may leave behind sudsy bodily waste.

I did try a couple more bags to be sure I wasn't experiencing taste hallucinations, but surely enough, that ingredient is turning what would be an outstanding herbal blend tea that smells good into something barely tolerable.

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