Review of Organic Red Leaf Mint

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Whoa, where to start with this sublime face-slapper. Perhaps the best one-word characterization of both the smell and aroma, in a good way, is "explosive".

Because there are so many ingredients, all natural and organic, more discriminating palates than mine probably can conjure up all manner of nuances, notes, undertones, and flavors. Some may find it too intense overall and be turned off. I just love to be backhanded by powerful taste and aroma, and this blend does so with all the subtlety of a karate chop. "Thank you sir, may I have another!"

They use real, dried cherries and cranberries along with peppermint, spearmint, fennel, oolong and green tea, hibiscus, red clover, and "volcanic rich minerals" (whatever that is). "Volcanic" better describes the eruption of aroma. Upon opening the bag, the first time and every time for five months (had to ration this one to make the goodness last), the scent of mint, berries and licorice -- all of which I do like -- mushroomed out like a fireball. The tea leaves are large also and unfurl a lot in steeping, so use a big strainer. I regret not making some iced tea from this, because it would have been great...will have to order more online when I pare down a pantry backlog of other good teas.

If there is any flaw here for me, it is that the taste -- while unfailingly strong and delicious -- can be inconsistent from serving to serving, since the large chunks of assorted tea and herbal leaves and berries may fall into the strainer in different proportions when shaking out only enough of a dose for one cup (and you don't need much). When finished steeping, grab the berries and cherry pieces and eat them; they're still quite flavorful.

In Seattle, my daughter paid over a thousand pretty pennies retail for a 2-oz. sealed (and resealable) bag of this loose-leaf blend. That's a lot, and the online price was just a few bucks less as of this writing. Regardless, I'd consider it worthwhile, given how intense and delicious this blend is, and how many cups one can get from the package.

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