Tea: African CTC

A Black Tea from Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd

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Brand:Murchie's Tea & Coffee Ltd
Style:Black Tea
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The dry leaf has a pleasant aroma that is much more complex than typical for CTC teas...there are notes of spice that remind me of Christmas as a child.

Produces a very rich and aromatic cup. Before sipping, the aroma suggests sweetness, being creamy and almost candy-like. But upon sipping, pleasantly bitter. Full-bodied, very dark. I preferred 3 minute initial steep, using a teaspoon of leaf, but I found this tea was surprisingly drinkable, never too bitter, even if steeped a very long time (5-8 minutes). It gets richer and thicker but is never harsh.

I find that the type of tea infuser used also influences the strength of this tea, it works best with a paper filter because it does have fine particulate matter. That said, it's still great even with a coarser mesh, just expect a stronger cup with a bit of broken bits of leaf at the bottom.

Unusually pricey for a CTC tea, but it may be worth paying. Along the lines of teas I've tried from Kenya and Tanzania, like Fahari Ya, Green Label, or Chai Bora, but considerably more complex and aromatic than these, and also smoother.

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