Review of High Mountain Taiwan Alishan

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One of the 3 or 4 high mountain Taiwan oolongs that Music City offers. The company pretty much uses the same description for each of them, so I think a little more detail would be nice.
I usually get my green oolongs from Upton, but am always on the lookout for light oolongs from other companies so gave this one a try.
I like how Music City Tea offers most of their teas in a 2 ounce option, which can be just right for getting to know a tea.

I'm a bit torn on these greener oolongs, and tend to prefer the more medium oxidized teas.
But I do find them pleasing for certain moods.

This Alishan seems to be of good quality. Little green balls with a very mild aroma in dry form. Similar to the Jade/Dong Ding/Tung Ting styles I've tried.

The flavor of this one though is much more buttery than floral. I keep thinking of buttercups when I drink this :)
The liquid is a pale yellow color with a butter and light honey aroma and flavor.
Very gentle on the stomach, very smooth and comforting.

Unfortunately it doesn't last for as many infusions as the darker oolongs unless I really fill up the gaiwan. The full leaves expand impressively and moderately quickly.

I do enjoy this tea, and the lightness of flavor can be a refreshing change from some of the toastier and/or more complex oolongs. My mom loves this tea, by the way :) She frequently joins me for my gong fu style sessions.
Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy a gentle and buttery cup.

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