Review of Chamomile Egyptian Golden Sun Presented by Wolfgang Puck

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I obtained this product, with what may be the longest name I've seen for a tea, from a hotel room. For now it appears to be available just as a food-service product. As chamomile teas go, this is decidedly above average--smooth, sweet, rich in flavor, deep-golden in color, and a nice concoction to close the day. No complaints about this one.

The single-bag packet was airtight and well-sealed, minimizing aromatic depreciation. Yet upon tearing open the packaging, a decidedly chocolate aroma wafted out with the chamomile, which was a surprise. Instead of being a turn-off, however, it made me think, "Hey, this works. Chocolate and chamomile might go together really well." I couldn't detect any chocolate in the taste itself, however, and don't know where that smell came from. Still, when shoving my beak back in the empty packet an hour later and huffing it, the chocolate scent still was there. Interesting.

Maybe Chef Puck and/or Numi should put some cocoa in a chamomile tea for real. That might sell well.

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