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A Flavored White Tea from Music City Tea

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Brand:Music City Tea
Style:Flavored White Tea
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I *really* love this tea. It's rare I find a flavored white tea that I enjoy, but this one is simply great. The tea is smooth and soothing, the peach flavor tastes natural and nuanced, and they blend together seamlessly. The leaves are high quality, too.

I tried this tea and several others in the store before I bought it. The owners of Music City Tea showed me how to drink tea in the Chinese style -- pouring hot water over tea in a funnel. This eliminates the steeping time and produces quite a robust cup. They served the tea in small, traditional cups, but the same process works perfectly to fill up a larger cup.

I recommend making a fairly strong cup (which, when pouring Chinese style, doesn't require a huge amount of tea) and sipping on this for as long as you can. It's exactly what a white peach tea should be. :-)

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on January 5th, 2017

This also sounds appealing to me!

I tend not to drink many flavored teas but I can see peach working well as a flavoring for white teas, especially bai mu dan like what's used in the base for this tea. I notice this blend also has some other ingredients, including chrysanthemum and marigold petals? I can see this really working.

I wish more companies would sell well-executed flavored teas like this, where the ingredients have been carefully chosen to pair with the base tea. I haven't tried anything from Music City Teas, I only learned about them recently when Monk, another reviewer on this site, added them, but when I started browsing their site it became apparent that they're really oriented towards single-origin artisan teas. I notice that the flavored teas sold by companies that specialize in those types of teas, are usually way ahead of the ones sold by more mainstream companies, where they'll have like a single base tea and then a bunch of different "flavors" that are little more than extracts with one or two whole ingredients thrown in for show.

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