Review of Spring Jasmine Green Tea (Organic)

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This is a reasonably good green tea, but the jasmine is about the weakest I've smelled or tasted in anything advertised as a "Jasmine" tea. Jasmine seems to be an afterthought or distant background in both the smell and the taste. I won't recommend against this product if you do prefer just a *hint* of jasmine in an otherwise acceptable green tea. As for me: as my kids' generation would utter with indifference, "meh".

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on January 5th, 2017

I find it sort of interesting, I've tried so many Jasmine teas and the range of jasmine in them is somewhere between "almost undetectable" like you describe here, to "overpowering and I can't even detect the base tea at all".

It's gotten to where I don't know what kind of balance to expect whenever sampling a new Jasmine tea.

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