Tea: Blissful Harmony

A Black and White Blend from teakruthi

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Style:Black and White Blend
Region:Matara, Sri Lanka
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I was genuinely surprised at how well this blend worked. I was also surprised at how much the overall character was like a white tea, in spite of there being more black tea and the leaf itself looking very dark.

Black and white tea blends are such a strange idea, and so hard to execute, and Teakruthi's teas have been consistently so good that I becaume eager to try this one out of sheer curiousity.

The aroma is fruity, floral, and with a good bit of wintergreen, very pleasing. The second thing I noticed though, was that it was very difficult to spoon out or portion out this tea because the two different types of leaf are quite different in shape. Although both are long and wiry, the white tea has much broader leaves whereas the black tea is more tightly rolled. I had to do a bit of work with a teaspoon to ensure I was getting a good mix or balance of the two and I'm still not sure if I did. I sort of get the sense that if I took a big bag of this stuff and shook it up, it might separate, with the white tea ending up on top and the black tea at the bottom.

All this said, when I brewed this tea, it blended perfectly. The aroma is fruity, floral, and sweet, and almost hints at bubblegum, with notes of wintergreen and cinnamon. Although the leaf looks like much more black tea than white, somehow it seems totally balanced. I think the black tea itself is very mellow and floral, making it mesh well with the aromas and flavors of the white tea, without overpowering it.

Finishes with a light astringency.

Resteeps well, better actually than some white teas. I always made two cups. Easy to brew too, it wasn't at all picky about steeping time or temperature. 3 minutes was good on the first cup. My only complaint is that this was very pricey. I didn't like it as much as some of the pure black teas from Teakruthi, which were all lower-priced.

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