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As mentioned in a previous review, the 100 tea bags in the box aren't sealed in any way, so the first thing I did upon opening the box was to put the bags into an airtight cannister.

The initial aroma of the tea reminds me of damp oak leaves with a hint of maltiness. The flavor is tannic and astringent, but is so mild that it's barely noticeable while the tea is hot. As it cools, though, the flavor becomes more pronounced and is quite pleasant, with a vegetal and earthy finish.

Much like other Chinese black teas, this tea shows very little bitterness. It almost entirely lacks the sweetness that I enjoy in Keemun and Yunnan black teas, however.

The flavor that the tea has is nice and it's certainly much more palatable than comparably priced Indian teas, but there just isn't enough flavor to be really satisfying.

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