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The aroma of this tea, both dried in-bag and poured, is heavenly for those of us who love chocolate and mint. The main ingredient actually isn't black tea leaves or chocolate; it's peppermint leaves. Then instead of just using chocolate powder or soaking tea leaves in chocolate, the unnamed Canadian contractor who produces this blend for Trader Joe's (based on the MADE IN CANADA labeling on the box) uses cut cocoa-bean shells. That's different...and delicious! Black tea (source unnamed) is the third ingredient.

I'm rating it a little higher than the far costlier Harney and Sons offering of this ilk, because the chocolate and mint both stand out better, without losing the color or presence of tea itself. The flavor is wonderfully balanced triumvirate of the three, but a little on the weak side, even after soaking/swishing the bag for 6-8 minutes, and could use more heft. I'm too ignorant of their purposes in herbal- or flavored-tea blending to know if the carob pods, licorice root and roasted chicory ingredients help or just take up space better used for just chocolate, mint, and tea. Overall, however, it's a worthy addition to the pantry, much better on the cost-benefit side than the Harney and Sons version, and I plan to get more after this runs out.

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