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I will typically try to refrain from talking about the supposed health benefits of certain teas, as I'm supposed to review teas based off of their flavor, aroma, and value. However, the claim that it boosts the immune system is what made me run out to the supermarket 15 minutes before Sunday Dinner and purchase this tea, and my god, I got so much more than I expected.
Echinacea w/ Elderberries, while it isn't technically a tea, is what I consider, by far, my favorite tea. I know that Yogi makes the same combination and I have yet to try it, but I plan on in the future. But, upon initially brewing this tea, I took a sip and I was very confused. It had a very simple flavor, but I couldn't quite name it. At the time I was unsure whether or not I enjoyed the blend or not, so i poured another cup and I slowly sipped away at it. I decided I liked it.
The blend, being echinacea w/elderberries, has a very fruity, berry taste to it. However, because it has echinacea as well, it counteracts the fruity flavor so that it does not override - the fruity flavor, while prominent, is simply a tone. It is not the primary taste on your tongue. It's a sweet tea, one where the sweetness is masked by the bitter and fruity flavor of the berries. For the most part, the description of the tea by Traditional Medicinals is accurate. However, they advertise a tingling on the tongue, but I have never actually felt a tingling sensation.
The scent is in a league all on its own. If i could bottle this scent up and use it as a candle, I would. The smell features a strong scent of elderberries with a hint of flowers. Unlike Chamomile, it is not a sweet floral scent, but a more bold scent. The smell greatly foreshadows what this tea will taste like but without doing the actual flavor any justice.
I have had 7 cups of this tea in the past week (while not that much, I drink a lot of tea with a lot of variation), and this is by far the tea I drink the most often. I prepare it by bringing filtered water to a boil in a stainless steel tea kettle and letting the teabag steep for 7-10 minutes before removing. The instructions state to squeeze the teabag and to keep the cup covered while steeping, but I do neither and the flavor is still noticeable.

Regardless of the positive effect some may claim it has on one's body, I would recommend this herbal blend to anybody who doesn't like the bitterness of tea. It's a pleasant surprise, and while it may not have caffeine, it does a great job at making oneself more aware and awake, while also relaxing the body.

I will say, however, the price is a bit steep. I paid $4.99 for this at McKinnons, and each box contains 16 tea bags, resulting in a price of ยข31 per teabag.

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