Tea: Malachi McCormick

A Black Tea from Harney and Sons

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Brand:Harney and Sons
Style:Black Tea
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This blend was more Keemun-like than anything else; it reminded me of the type of Keemun that I like most, the rich, mellow, warming and slightly sweet sort.

The Dry leaf's aroma reminds me of candy: fruity and sweet, suggesting marzipan, chocolate, and hazelnut cream.

The aroma and character of the Keemun comes out more in the brewed cup. This tea seemed overall very much like a Keemun but perhaps just a tiny bit more edgy and with a hint of a cooling quality. Warming, very mellow. Flavor surprisingly sweet.

Tastes better when hot and tastes better when brewed strongly. This is the type of tea I would like to drink on a cold winter afternoon. Can be resteeped, but I thought the first cup was much better. Interestingly, the Assam's character comes out more in the second cup. I preferred a 3 minute first steep and 8 minute second steep.

Good, didn't really wow me but a very enjoyable tea that I would be happy to drink, especially when in the mood for an easy-to-drink black tea on a cold day.

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