Tea: Assam Tonganagaon, Organic

An Assam from Simpson & Vail

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Brand:Simpson & Vail
Region:Tinsukia, Assam, India
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Review of Assam Tonganagaon, Organic

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A smoother-than-average Assam that was still quite rich, a little on the tangy/fruity side.

Dry leaf smells very fruity, vegetal, a bit like potpourri, and also somewhat malty. Overall, rich, aromatic, and suggesting sweetness.

Surprisingly subdued for an Assam. The cup is light and a little more tangy than I expect from an Assam, and less bitter. It's not as explosively aromatic as thy dry leaf suggests, but the aroma is pleasant, lightly fruity and malty, fresh. There are some vegetal notes but only if I pay close attention. As the cup cools, the tangy and fruity character comes out more. This tea tasted good when cooled.

Resteeps well too.

I thought this was a slightly better tea than a similar tea I tried from the same estate from Harney & Sons recently. The two teas were in the same price range, but the leaf on this was more intact and I felt the flavor was more subtle, it seemed like a slightly higher grade, or just a better batch.

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