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An Earl Grey Tea from Tradition

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The oversized teabags contain tea that is quite broken, but still much larger than fannings. It smells strongly of bergamot.

After brewing, the aroma is a nice balance of citrus and an earthy and malty tea. The package doesn't say where the black tea is sourced. It tastes Chinese to me, but the only unflavored black tea I've seen from Tradition is labeled as Darjeeling. In any case, the tea has a medium astringency and is only slightly bitter, with the tea and bergamot each contributing about the same amount of bitterness. The malt flavor is strong enough to rise above the bergamot to strike a nice balance between tea and citrus.

I don't usually drink flavored teas because the extra flavors cover up the more subtle components of the tea and that's definitely the case here. Even so, this tea is nicely balanced and pleasant to drink.

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