Tea: Hunan Bloolong

A Black Tea from Harney and Sons

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Hunan Bloolong
Brand:Harney and Sons
Style:Black Tea
Region:Hunan, China
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Review of Hunan Bloolong

5 of 103 of 52 of 560 of 100

I got my hopes up for this tea but it was oddly forgettable, disappointing among artisan teas. There's an intriguing sensation of peach when drinking it, but...besides that nothing about it stands out.

The dry leaf smells so good, really rich and pleasing, malty, a sort of warm baked good smell, with notes of spice, and sort of nutty, candy-like smell, like Nutella or nougat.

Produces a mild but rich cup that has a pleasant edge to it. The aroma is mostly malty, strong but surprisingly monotone. I wouldn't think of describing the aroma as like peach, but when I pay attention and look for that quality, it's there, and it's quite remarkable. Flavor is very pleasant, typical for a high-quality black tea of moderate strength: just the right amount of bitterness, also a light savory quality. I love the way this tea tasted, but I wish the aroma had more depth and complexity. I was disappointed at how simple the aroma of the cup was compared to the way the leaves smelled before brewing.

The sensation the tea leaves on the palate is also oddly peach-like, but I'm not sure this is pleasant, it a sort of mildly sour astringency.

The resteep tasted just as strong, but the flavor was all gone for a third steep. I liked a 3 minute first steep followed by a very long second to extract all the flavor.

Very expensive, for such a boring tea. Perhaps there is something in this tea that would appeal to others, but I'm not seeing it.

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