Review of British Blend - Premium Black Tea - Decaffeinated

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There's no aroma at all from the dry tea. Upon opening the box for the first time, there's a paper smell that is probably from the teabag material itself.

Tastes like stale, weak tea, but even so, is one of the best decaf blacks.

There's no bitterness or astringency, but there's a little sour vegetal flavor on the sides of the tongue. It tastes kind of like what's left in an iced tea glass after finishing the tea and a little more ice has melted. The tea has a substantial mouthfeel, almost like it has body, but little flavor.

As the tea cools, the tea actually becomes a little astringent and there's a ghost of what the caffeinated flavor must have been.

I've tried a number of decaffeinated black teas and all of them are very close to flavorless. If you've never had decaf black tea before and want to know what the range is, this one is likely the best I've tasted so far and it still barely tastes like tea.

Decaffeinating black tea is apparently difficult. Green teas can still be a little grassy and added flavors like Earl Grey can compensate somewhat, but plain black tea is totally lifeless.

If you're searching for decaffeinated black tea, try this one for yourself and you'll know that you've tasted the best.

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