Tea: Pin Ho Jade

A Green Tea from De Theefabriek - O Organic

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Brand:De Theefabriek
Style:Green Tea
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Since I fell in love with Nam Lanh OP from the same brand but I currently prefer green teas, I decided to try this one as it's also from Vietnam.
And I was in luck! It tastes like a green version of the Nam Lanh black tea. It smells the same and, best of all, it's got the same intense "smoldering" flavour.
I drink both teas infrequently so that they remain special.

This is something I can't confirm unless I directly contact De Theefabriek, but I very strongly suspect Nam Lanh OP and Pin Ho Jade are from the same estate. Both are from wild tea trees, and Nậm Lạnh is in the far north of Vietnam. Other brands with a tea called Pin Ho Jade list it as coming from Yên Bái, and Nậm Lạnh is in Yên Bái too. Add to that that they are sold by the same company, and it seems very likely.
In the end, though, it doesn't matter so much, since both taste amazing.

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