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Last Updated: Jun. 6, 2017

About De Theefabriek

De Theefabriek, meaning The Tea Factory, is a tea company based in the Netherlands, running a tea museum, a tea room, and a tea shop that has sells tea both in a retail storefront and online.

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54 / 100
Picture of Formosa Super Fancy Black Dragon (o)

Dark liquor, resteeps well, up to 4-5 times.
The first sip always mildly surprises me with its sweetness. It has a very mineral taste and there's a hint of smoke. I can kind of taste the advertised fruitiness in it if I concentrate, but that's not a descriptor that would have come to my mind.

I'm not generally a fa...

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53 / 100
Picture of Kokeicha (g)

Kokeicha (g)

Style: Kokeicha – Region: Japan
Jul. 3rd, 2018

I have no idea if I'm doing this right; I may update my review if there are any developments.

The loose tea is visually very interesting. Small dark green "sprinkles" that I believe I'm supposed to put directly into the cup and add hot water. They partly dissolve, making the liquid a lovely murky swamp green.
I am ...

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48 / 100
Picture of Java Sunda Purwa (g)

The first thing that struck me is that it looks and smells exactly like gunpowder tea, even though it isn't called that anywhere. It's not a problem, I even have an idea why one might not want to market gunpowder tea as gunpowder tea (if that really is what this is). The origin and a name might sound more enticing that...

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56 / 100
Picture of Turkije (z)

Turkije (z)

Style: Black Tea – Region: Turkey
Oct. 31st, 2017

This is interesting. This tea, which shouldn't be flavoured in any way, smells and tastes like forest fruit flavoured black tea. Here I was worried that I'd kept it too close to a package of lapsang souchong - the outside of this bag smells like smoke now and it isn't airtight - but I don't really taste any smokiness.

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57 / 100
Picture of Black Gunpowder (z)

Black Gunpowder (z)

Style: Black Gunpowder – Region: Fujian, China
Oct. 19th, 2017

The dry leaves are a lovely dull brown colour. I just really like the look of them.

I'm having slightly mixed feelings. It is flowery as advertised, but it's also a bit "dull" in a way that cheap teabags often are. Maybe I used too much tea or let it steep for too long. Or maybe too many leaves and not steeped long ...

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