Tea: Earl Grey Spezial

An Earl Grey Tea from Het Gouden Randje

Picture of Earl Grey Spezial
Brand:Het Gouden Randje
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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Review of Earl Grey Spezial

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This is the standard Earl Grey carried by Het Gouden Randje, but it's unusually citrus-y. I mentioned once that this tea is different from other Earl Greys I'm used to and the owner of the shop told me that other customers had said similar things.

So, it tastes and smells really citrus-y, almost like it's flavoured with lemon in addition to bergamot, much fruitier than most Earl Greys. It was relatively cheap, too, just €1.80 for 50 g.
It's best as it is, without milk or sugar (sometimes I like to drink Earl Grey with milk and sugar or honey). I tried that once, but the combination of the milk and the fruitiness of this tea was a bit weird.

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