Tea: Thé Marocain

A Green Tea with Mint from Simon Lévelt - O Organic

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Brand:Simon Lévelt
Style:Green Tea with Mint
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A blend of gunpowder tea and dried mint. It tastes the same as the mint tea I made before this, using gunpowder tea and mint. It's easier because the ingredients are already together, but I don't consider that an advantage. I loved all the steps of making mint tea before.

No matter. This seems to contain a lot of mint in proportion to the tea, but the taste is fine. It tastes like mint tea the way I like it: sweet in a very warm way. It is possible to oversteep it, but there's some margin for error because the mint smooths out the tea to a certain extent. It smells amazing, too. It instantly takes me back to last spring when I drank lots of mint tea.

Tip from a friend: It's also good with honey.

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