Tea: Smokey Wuhuan Groen

A Green Tea from Simon Lévelt - O Organic

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Brand:Simon Lévelt
Style:Green Tea
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Review of Smokey Wuhuan Groen

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I don't know what it is about this tea, but I always oversteep it. The first time I ever made it, I even forgot about it for one and a half hours. When I found it, it was cold and bitter. (In my defense, it was graduation day and I was a bit distracted.)
And just now when I wanted to review it it got too strong again, though this time I may have used too much leaf.

I remember from the few times I did manage to make it properly that it essentially tastes like a mix of green tea and lapsang souchong. It smells deliciously smokey, too. I suppose it mostly has novelty value, since I don't think smoked green teas are that common.

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