Review of Chocolate Puerh - Black Tea Blend

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My first pu-erh just had to be this, didn't it? As of now, I still haven't tried any other, and being an ignoramus of massive proportions about this type of tea, have no clue how it should taste. So what do I do? Drink a chocolate/nutmeg pu-erh with rooibos whose non-tea flavors (that I happen to like a lot) mask any detectable distinguishing characteristic of the pu-erh itself. I almost can hear tea connoisseurs' teeth grinding with rage, fists clinching, knuckles cracking, at this very thought. :-) All I know is that this would make a good wintertime comfort tea on a cold, snowy morn'.

My heart and palate must have a soft spot for chocolate teas, because I haven't run across a bad one yet--just different levels of "delicious". The dry-bag and poured-cup aroma here was rather rich and full, the color dark, the taste moderate (not strong but still satisfying). The flavor balance works well, though I barely can taste the cinnamon and orange, and the background earthiness of the rooibos. That's OK. As for value, I got this one free from a relative with whom I was staying, but I would pay a modest premium for a whole box.

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