Review of Ogranic Green Tea Dandelion

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My sister-in-law offered me a bag of this, and immediately I had to ask: "Organic? Who on Earth is purposefully growing inorganic dandelions?" Most folks don't have to walk far to find organic dandelions (at least what would qualify by no-pesticide, no-herbicide, no-artificial-fertilizer standards). Some sprout from sidewalk cracks, others out of abandoned lots, or in roof gutters full of last fall's decayed leaves. My yard has more every spring than grass itself, and I even grab some leaves for salads from time to time...

This blend uses both roasted and unroasted dandelion root. I don't know the difference between them taste-wise, but curiosity has been stoked enough that I might wash and peel some of the bigger roots, carrot-style, next time I go weed-pullin' out in the yard or raised beds (rain-wettened so as to not bust off the me here). Save a couple, roast a couple more, and give 'em the ol' Pepsi Challenge. ;-)

The aroma of this tea really was salad-like, and I expected a somewhat embittered green-tea taste, since the leaves are bitter. Actually, I couldn't detect the root's flavor at all; it was like diluted green tea. The taste was weak, but not unpleasant. I won't buy this stuff, since I can get enough free dandelions to choke a herd of elephants, but I might dry some dandelion root pieces from the yard and drop them in a strainer of loose-leaf green tea some time to see if that makes a difference.

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