Tea: Bai Mu Dan

A White Peony Tea from AhaTee

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Style:White Peony Tea
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The first few attempts at making this tea didn't turn out good at all, kind of sour and unpleasant. It is the first white tea I try, so it might be because of that. I decided just now to actually have a look at the instructions on the box instead of making it like a green tea. I was surprised to see it recommend a 5-minute steep with boiling water, because my tea thermometer recommends 70-80°C for white tea. So I also checked brewing instructions of similar teas from different companies which recommended slightly lower temperatures (85-90°C) and similar to longer steeping times.
I compromised and steeped it at 90°C for 5 minutes this time.

I don't know, it still tastes sour though slightly less unpleasantly than before. Also nutty, which I remember from before, but definitely not flowery, which other reviewers have said about other Bai Mu Dan teas.

It's possible I don't know how to deal with white teas yet, but this might also be low quality. However it is, I don't particularly like it.

EDIT: A few weeks after reviewing it, I'm trying it again and find that it almost pleasantly surprised me. The flavour is richer than I remembered. It still tastes a little sour, but it feels kind of integrated with the rest of the flavour profile. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be there or something I still need to work around.

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Difflugia wrote:
on June 16th, 2017

My experience with white teas is that there are some good ones, but I like other teas better for the price. I had some really good silver needle white tea that I paid almost $10 an ounce for, but equally delicious green or oolong teas cost much less.

Since then, I've had several less expensive white teas and all of them have been pretty mediocre. Good ones exist, but they're not bargains.

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