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A Black Tea from Golden Sail Brand - O Organic

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Brand:Golden Sail Brand
Style:Black Tea
Region:Yunnan, China
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The teabags in the box are standard style bags filled with 2g of fannings and sealed in clear plastic. Opening the pouch releases a dry, earthy, leafy aroma. Adding hot water intensifies the aroma and adds a note of sweetness that wasn't present in the dry leaves.

Because the tea in the bags is cut so fine, it steeps quickly and I usually steep three minutes rather than my usual four. It isn't overly bitter, but I find the balance to be unpleasantly tannic at 4-5 minutes.

The first sip of the tea is very tannic and astringent, but only slightly bitter. The individual flavors remind me of Indian Assam teas, but with a different balance. There's less malt and more vegetal leafiness than an Assam and there are some toasty notes similar to Ceylon teas. The tea is as strongly flavored as Assam teas, but the overall impression is more mellow.

As the tea cools, more complex flavors emerge. Toasted, bittersweet flavors of coffee, cocoa, pecans and molasses dominate. Overall, the tea has a potent flavor rivalling that of English breakfast-style Indian teas, but with less bitterness.

A nearby Asian grocery sells the box of 25 teabags for $4.69.

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