Tea: Formosa Jade Oolong

A Jade Oolong from Het Gouden Randje

Picture of Formosa Jade Oolong
Brand:Het Gouden Randje
Style:Jade Oolong
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Review of Formosa Jade Oolong

5 of 102 of 53 of 558 of 100

I bought this tea before and remember it as lovely and flowery, but when I bought more of it later, it just... wasn't so great.
It looks nice with the tightly rolled balls of leaves. It's got a kind of metallic taste that I find a bit unpleasant. That could be the jasmine-like taste that the product description mentions, though - now that I think of it, it really reminds me of the one jasmine tea I own (though that one is of poor quality). This tea is not actually flavoured with anything, though. It does brew a pretty coloured cup, or rather, many of them. The tightly rolled leaves take many steepings to unfurl and release their flavour.

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