Review of Organic Tulsi with Ginger

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Flip this tea's title around and call it "Ginger with Tulsi", and we have an accurate portrayal. I've consumed and reviewed one other Tulsi tea (also containing ginger), and still can't determine what Tulsi is supposed to taste like. Maybe it slathers a mellow veneer over the ginger, because this concoction is fairly smooth...less sharp and spicy than many ginger-based teas, while still having a reasonably strong ginger flavor. The aroma—both dry and in-cup—likewise is dominated by the ginger.

If you like ginger and want whatever benefits Tulsi confers without needing to taste it, go for this; you probably will not be disappointed. If you don't like ginger, stay far, far away, for obvious reasons. Finally, if you want to know what Tulsi tastes like, don't ask me. I still don't know!

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