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A Clouds & Mist (Yun Wu) from Unami

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Style:Clouds & Mist (Yun Wu)
Region:Xinchang, Zhejiang, China
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I took the dégustation comparée (comparative tasting) of three green teas of a higher quality. This is one of the three I was served.
I got a zhong with dry leaves in it, a small cup, and a thermos of water.

It has beautiful bright green leaves and liqueur, and a bright and sweetish aroma.
First steeping: Vegetal flavour (but slightly bitter because I oversteeped it).
Second steeping: Much more intense, brightly vegetal.
Third steeping: Hardly any colour or aroma left. The bright flavour remained.
Fourth steeping: Sweetish, slightly Longjing-like; vegetal aftertaste.
Fifth steeping: No colour, intensely vegetal and sweet.
Sixth steeping: Not much flavour left. Mostly just a sweet aftertaste.
The used leaves have a faint but pleasant aroma.

It's an extremely good tea but very, very expensive.

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