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A Four Seasons Oolong from De Theefabriek

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Brand:De Theefabriek
Style:Four Seasons Oolong
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I wanted to try this tea because De Theefabriek's other Vietnamese teas have been absolutely amazing.

The dry tea doesn't have a very strong aroma, but it's very sweet and almost reminds of some candy mix.
Both the aroma and the flavour of the tea remind me of Het Gouden Randje's Formosa Jade Oolong. I'm still struggling with the preparation, but now that I know that I should give the leaves more space (which already gives me greatly improved results) it's down to messing with the temperature and steeping time. Mostly the latter, I suspect. It does steep many times.
It tastes a little soapy, which I found worrying at first but much less unpleasant once I saw a similar tea described as soapy. It's slightly sweet and sometimes I can detect a hint of the fruitiness of many Vietnamese teas (e.g. Simon LĂ©velt's Yen Bai Groen and Unami's Sencha du Vietnam), mostly in the first steeping. However, I think the sweetness is better compared to caramel than to fruit. Sometimes there's also a sweet, maybe licorice-y or leathery taste.

So far I haven't enjoyed the (few) oolongs I've tried that much. I very much want to get into them, though, so I'll give this tea as many chances as I need. I feel like this tea deserves it.

I'll probably update my review as I get to know it better.

EDIT: I've been drinking more oolongs lately and I feel like I'm getting better at distinguishing them. I'm not sure what I did differently this time, but now this reminds me of a brandless green tea sold as Vietnam FOP. It does, however, still have the same caramel aroma. Anyway, I'm enjoying it a lot!

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