Review of Super Ceylon Earl Grey Tea

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This tea is probably the cheapest tea I've ever bought at under €3.50 for 500 grams, and incredibly good as well.

The dry tea smells intensely of bergamot, and the brewed tea smells sweet. The colour is a lovely red. It tastes great, too; simultaneously warming and refreshing, and, well, like bergamot. It's powerful but smooth. I can't really distinguish anything specific about the tea but I know from experience with less amazing Earl Greys that the tea used must be pretty good.

It's really easy to prepare; it doesn't get bitter too easily and it's still okay if you use little tea. It's great with milk and sugar or honey too, but then I use more leaves and let it steep for longer so that I can still taste it, even though I use way too much honey. I love the combination of the warm baked-goods sweetness of milk and honey and the fruitiness of the bergamot.

I know this isn't exactly relevant to the review, but I'd like to tell a bit anyway about my good memories involving this tea.
In the autumn when I moved out, I pretty much lived on this tea. It's amazing with breakfast, it's perfect for looking at the rain outside the window, it's soothing and warming before bed.
On the two days before a good friend moved away, we had tea together. On the first day I served tea and on the second day they served (a different) Earl Grey with milk and honey. (That taught me the secret of sweetened tea: lots and lots of sweetener.) After that it was very comforting to drink this Earl Grey with milk and honey and remember good times.

This is one of my top favourite teas and I'm just astounded that it's so cheap on top of everything.

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