Review of Organic Digestive Herbal Tea Blend

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I found this tea by accident at Walmart. I purchased it & to my surprise it was awesome. I had been having some issues with my stomach and this tea really calmed things down. Well eventually I went the entire box & now I can no longer find it. I have searched several Walmart with no luck!

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on August 4th, 2017

If you live near an ALDI, you could try looking there...that's the only place I've ever seen this tea for sale. I've seen it on and off recently, although it's one of those unpredictable products that appears randomly and then goes out of stock for a really long time. That's interesting that you also found it at a Walmart.

Did the box say exactly what was in it? That might also be a good place to could probably find similar teas from other companies. There are definintely a lot of companies that sell digestive herbal tea blends, and if you found one with similar ingredients you might find it had the same benefits.

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