Tea: Finest Oolong

An Oolong Tea from Simon Lévelt - O Organic

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Brand:Simon Lévelt
Style:Oolong Tea
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Review of Finest Oolong

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This tea could almost be summarised in a single word: Nutty. It has an intensely nutty aroma and flavour. It also reminds me of dry autumn leaves (not that I've tasted many of those, but I can't shake the association). I'm not a fan of nutty teas, so I don't really enjoy this one.

This is the first tea I tried with such a nutty flavour so I mentally compare lots of teas to this one. It's become an archetype of sorts.
More interestingly, I was lucky enough to obtain Vietnamese bitter gourd tea, which reminds me of this one a lot. I like that a lot more than this Finest Oolong, however.

About the name: It's called "Finest Oolong", but I suspect it's actually Simon Lévelt's least fine oolong. It's the one with the least specific name - everything else has some reference to type or origin. In addition, this is their cheapest oolong (although that doesn't always mean much).

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