Tea: Terra Tee

A Flavored Rooibos from Het Gouden Randje

Picture of Terra Tee
Brand:Het Gouden Randje
Style:Flavored Rooibos
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Terra Tee

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FairMediocreGood Value

A friend of mine drinks lots of flavoured rooibos, and after trying a few cheap bagged varieties, I decided I like citrus-flavoured rooibos and got some loose rooibos.

This rooibos with (among others) lemongrass and ginger is okay, but I don't like it that much. I can't really get it to taste like much more than lemon, though there is a lovely hint of cinnamon. This time I used even more than before and I kind of taste the rooibos as well.

This tea, as well as the rooibos teabags, have been untouched for a long time now. This is okay, but just not that interesting. I much prefer unflavoured Camellia sinensis tea.

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