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A Chai / Spiced Tea from Simon Lévelt - O Organic

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Brand:Simon Lévelt
Style:Chai / Spiced Tea
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"Warming" is indeed the best word to describe this tea. It smells like baked goods: what comes to mind is Finnish christmas cookie dough. I can clearly taste the anise and the licorice, the cinnamon too, but I'm not sure about the sage, honeybush and orange. Actually, this tea tastes like anise and licorice but not that much else. Which is okay, but... I would personally increase the proportion of cinnamon.

With many flavoured teas and blends, I find myself wondering what this or that ingredient contributes: I understand the black tea, but what about the green tea in this? Is what I think is just anise actually sage leaf? What would it taste like without orange? What does honeybush taste like?

That aside, this tea is really nice in autumn - that is probably psychological. (I should clarify - "herfstthee" means autumn tea.) I haven't really touched it since last autumn but I'm drinking it now to review it. Since it's raining a lot outside this seemed like an appropriate moment.
It tastes fine, but I find it disappointing how little I taste the cinnamon. (Of course I could add cinnamon myself... I have in the past drunk black tea that I added ground cinnamon to.)

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