Tea: Kwai Flower Oolong

An Osmanthus Tea from Het Gouden Randje

Brand:Het Gouden Randje
Style:Osmanthus Tea
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Review of Kwai Flower Oolong

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This is a new tea that Het Gouden Randje has just added to its inventory. I drank a cup of it in the tea shop, and I did my best to taste it properly. It's always difficult, though; I prefer to drink teas at home with more controlled conditions and multiple chances to get to know them properly.
I feel like this time especially I didn't get the full experience.

The tea leaves are rolled into tight balls like a jade oolong, which means the (unrolled) osmanthus petals were discernible.
I didn't really taste the osmanthus, though. It wasn't too bad, but it strangely reminded me of young hyson... which seems very strange to me. It got a bit sour, too. I think the young hyson impression and the sourness were because of how many tea leaves were used. Tearooms always use more leaves than I would at home, and this seemed like two or even three times the amount I would use when brewing a tightly rolled oolong.
It's not really what I expected.

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