Review of Watermelon Lime Zinger

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This herbal tea has a nice flavor blend. Hibiscus and rose hips together already tastes nice, but adding a little watermelon and lime flavor makes for a fruity and refreshing blend. It's pleasantly tart and fruity with a nice sweetness from the watermelon. I find the flavor well balanced, but I like tart beverages, so it might not be sweet enough for some.

While the ingredients are othewise very simple (hibiscus, rose hips and orange peel), most of the flavor is essentially manufactured ("natural watermelon and lime flavors with other natural flavors"). One of the reasons I buy herbal teas like this, though, is that my young daughter enjoys them. Even though there are some added flavors, there isn't a long list of botanicals with unknown effects. She picked this one out to try and I gave it a go as well. The flavor's great and nothing in the ingredients list worries me on her behalf or my own.

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