Tea: Yixing Dragon Mountain Black

A Black Tea from Caina Tea

Picture of Yixing Dragon Mountain Black
Brand:Caina Tea
Style:Black Tea
Region:Jiangsu, China
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Review of Yixing Dragon Mountain Black

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Dragon Mountain Yixing is now my favorite black tea. The flavor is amazing, it's hard for me to describe other than it's just so good. Caina says to steep this you need 1tbsp for about 40 seconds, for cup of course. They also say you can re-steep the leaves about 6 times. Much to my surprise, you can actually re-steep the leaves without flavor loss about 6 times. Now I like strong tea, like really strong tea, so normally I double up on how much tea I use. However my very first time making a cup I always fallow the suggested amount. 1tbsp can be re-steeped over without flavor loss about 6 times. This company has the freshest loose leaf tea I've ever had.

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