Tea: Vanilla Chai Tea - Black Tea - Decaffeinated

A Vanilla Chai from Good Earth Teas

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Vanilla Chai Tea - Black Tea - Decaffeinated
Brand:Good Earth Teas
Style:Vanilla Chai
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Review of Vanilla Chai Tea - Black Tea - Decaffeinated

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Aroma is initially mostly of cinnamon...but upon drinking the tea, an overly artificial vanilla presence kicks in.

The best thing about this tea is that it has a bold black tea presence and, given that it's in a teabag and is decaffeinated, I was surprised at the strength and quality of the black tea. The flavor of this tea is a bit redeeming: it is naturally sweet and pleasantly bitter at the same time.

Still, that's not enough to salvage this one from the artificial vanilla flavor. My other complaint about this tea, I couldn't notice any spices other than cinnamon...and my personal preference in spiced teas is to use cinnamon very sparingly and instead have other spices be more present. I'll pass on this one.

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