Review of Toasted Rice Green - Gen Mai Cha

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Toasted rice is a substance I enjoy in some contexts (in a breakfast-cereal blend, a topping on ice cream, or embedded in fudge and soft-chocolate candy), but I had no idea what to make of the combination of it with tea. Now I do...not a big fan.

The poured scent was practically nonexistent, as the tea's color changed from remarkably bright banana-yellow to a yellow-gray color with time. The dry-bag aroma was about as advertised: toasted rice plus green sencha tea, and fairly well represents the poured taste, which amounts to two flavors that just don't seem to mesh well in my mouth. The last time I had an experience like that, to such an extent, was in second grade when a friend had me try his fried-bologna sandwich with whipped cream on it. The only reason I didn't rate the flavor lower is that I started getting used to it after 5-10 sips, though something about this combination still tastes disjointed and incompatible. I won't be running breathlessly to the online store to order any of this concoction, that's for sure.

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